• Pier-Yves Menkhoff is Video Director and Independent Journalist. He created his Video Production Company in 1994. She is based in Paris with satellite offices in Brussels & Geneva. As a Video Journalist, he has long contributed to the magazines SVM Mac, MacWorld, Caméra Vidéo, La Nouvelle Revue du Son, Photo, Sciences & Vie, etc. He is the author of short films, corporate films, event, interview, fashion, documentaries... He likes to travel. He has lived and worked in Europe, USA and Asia.

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• Beigbeder CEO Advisory
• Bradley & Gmelich Lawyers
• Campus Biotech Geneva
• Carré Pau Airport Hôtel
• Carré PY Hôtel
• Château de Versailles
• Contemporary Theater of Dance
• Dassault
• EGN Belgium
• Esprit Vélo
• Fitness Massage

• Nina Ricci Lingerie
• Norman Shall & Associates
• Pinacoteca of Geneva
• Sony France
• Stef-Albert Bothma
• Universal Paramount
• University of Jerusalem
• Vanity Fair
• WiPro with Nestlé Vevey
• Yachts de Paris
• Etc.

• Four Seasons Hotels
• Fox & Fox Lawyers
• Gary Dickson
• Guimet Museum
• Herez Finances
• Lise Charmel
• Lou
• Macif
• Paris Memorial of Holocaust
• MPR Group Washington
• Nappy Me


• Your Events lead us everywhere in France, but also to Belgium, Canada, China, England, Germany, Greece, Italy, Korea, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, USA… MERCI…